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Spring Style

Spring is finally here and Sydney has been blessed with rays of sunshine ever since we waved goodbye to winter last week. Naturally, this seasonal change has me thinking about how my wardrobe is going to adjust to the next few months of warm AF days but crisp morning/nights (yep, these are the things my brain focuses on rather than my actually important Ph.D thesis). Spring style is super fun because you don't have to layer dramatically like in winter, but you can still experiment with different items - unlike in summer when I practically live in bikinis. That being said, I do tend to find the in-between Sydney seasons climatically challenging to dress for. This is why I am investing in pieces like light weight blazers, so I can take them off when I'm hot at midday, but be thankful to my past self for packing one at sunset. For this reason, I am really loving The Urge for shopping this season. If you haven't heard of this genius website, it is basically a search engine that helps you find the wardrobe you love without having to manually search through countless of different websites. This means you can search the general kind of clothing you're after, like blazers in my case, see all of your options and compare prices among heaps of online stores. ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER!

If you guys like my outfit, you can check out similar styles from The Urge here:

Top -

Blazer -

Bottom -

Shoes -

Let me know if you check it out, I would love to hear what you guys think of it :)


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