• Brittany Ferdinands

Skinstitut Facial

I must admit, I am definitely not in love with my skin. I don't complain too much online as I like to be appreciative and promote body confidence, but my tanned complexion easily pigments; so when I do get the occasional breakout, it leaves a very stubborn mark that seems to last forever.

This extremely frustrating cycle has seen me try almost every dark spot treatment serum on the market, but nothing seems to do the job. So when the lovely ladies at EGPR asked if I wanted to try a facial at the Skinstitut Headquarters with my mum (@myfabulousdesign) and sister (@ellesechloe) for a Mothers Day treat, I was super keen to hear their expert recommendations!

The treatment began with a skin and lifestyle consultation, where we discussed all the important stuff: diets, exercise, mental health and water intake. I always find it so crazy when you go to a specialist for problem skin and they don't ask you these type of questions. After all, our exterior is a direct mirror of whats happening internally, so in order to fix the former, you must always address the latter.

After discussing our key concerns, we were then treated to a beautiful AHA facial that focused on cleaning and hydrating the skin, leaving me with super fresh feels- just in time for the weekend!

I have now started a five-step Skinstitut routine at home with some new products I picked up during my visit. I will definitely be tracking my progress so if anyone experiences similar issues with marking or dark spots, feel free to ask me about it!


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