• Brittany Ferdinands

Melbourne Bound

Melbourne has always been one of my favourite cities, so once I got over the initial sadness that my friend Laura was moving there, I started getting excited by my newfound excuse to eat my way through the culinary blessed city!

This week marked the first of (hopefully) many visits to Melbs. We had an amazing week trying local brunch spots, cafe hopping, shopping, and of course, fitting in some F45 classes. It was definitely a different experience exploring Melbourne from a local perspective, and I am super excited to see even more of the city in the next few months.

Tall Timber- Prahran

Sardi Cafe- Hawthorn

Market Lane Coffee

Serotonin Eatery- Burnley

Serotonin Eatery- Burnley

Chin Chin Restaurant- Melbourne

Combi- Earlwood

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