• Brittany Ferdinands

Porch & Parlour

From the moment I tried their Green Breakky Bowl, I fell instantly in love with Porch & Parlour cafe. I was thereby beyond excited when the team asked me to experience their latest venue and growth into evenings for a quality Sunday sesh in September. Upon observing the menu, my fellow foodie sister and I agreed it would be impossible to decide what we wanted (everything sounded too good!), so we shifted the decision-making to our lovely waitress who, let me tell you, did not disappoint! From the dangerously delicious espresso martinis to the fresh and fulfilling share plates, we had the tastiest time stuffing our faces over Bondi's stunning sundown. We also had to seriously refrain from saturating our camera rolls with photos of the decor- the vibe in there is seriously cool! Currently craving a cheese board and looking forward to bringing my girls there very soon.


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