Fitness essentials


Kayla Itsines E-book

Whether you're doing the 12 week program or just need a workout for when you don't want to leave the house; this E-book features heaps of simple (cough incredibly challenging) 28 minute workouts that sculpt your body from head to toe! 


'Active Wear'

My (expensive) tendency to brunch after every work-out meansmy activewar must be functional, yet somewhat socially acceptable. It's a petty excuse, but gym clothes make me happy okay!

A Fitness Magazine Suscirption

 These mags are filled with motivation, health tips, recipes and easy work-outs that inspire me to get through the month as healthy and positively as possible!

Healthy recipes

I like the security of having raw desserts in the fridge so that when I get intense sugar cravings, I can trick my body with snacks that are 100% healthy muaha

Natural Skin Care Products

A specialist once told me to wash my face after every workout to evade unecessary oil build up. After cleansing, I like to moisturise with certified organic brands such as Kora Cosmetics that are 100% natural and contain zero nasty chemicals!


A Vitamix

The Vitamix blender. I literally make everything in this thing- from acai bowls, to smoothies, soups, nice cream and even nut butters. The best part about it is that, unlike conventional juices and blenders, it keeps in all the nutrients, making all meals a whole lot healthier!

A workout buddy

This one speaks for itself- exercise is 100% more fun with a friend! 

Heart Rate Monitor Watch

I use a Sunto Watch to keep track of my heart rate, ensure I'm working in the appropriate zone and of course, see the satisfying number at the end that tells me how many cals I've burnt.